weird questions strange answers

Is it art or craft?

We didn't succeed in figuring this topic out until now. You must approach glass technically. It isn't a material you learnt to work with at school. But if these technical skills stand in the way of the art percentage isn't completely clear. When we look at contemparary art it often looks likes scrap, straight from the dustbin. Glass has the peculiar property of looking always brilliant. Since art has for more than 100 years now nothing to do with beauty, we can pose the question 'Does beauty stands in the way of an object being art?'. Descriptive we could say that there aren't many contemporary artists that limit themselves to glass. But we can say this also from painting and sculpture. So, it's up to you!

Is it art or design?

It's art not design. Design belongs to the realm of the fascion, the trends. Design therefore relates immediately to what we find beautifull. And beauty, I'm sorry is described nowadays as nothing more than convention. If you like some of our works, don't worry, that's okay! Glass is a special material in the sense that it always carries beauty. Maybe we should say that it's not the calm pleasing contemplative beauty, but fascination, the attraction of transparancy, purity, smoothness.

Is it art or technology?

Although video and installation art are very contemporary, it isn't the technological difficulty that's the art. Technogy facilitates this kind of work. The fact that our society is dominated by the omnipresence of video and imaging, stimulates to examine this media. The same goes up for glass. We live in a (glass) screen world, in cities built of glass blocks, in a culture which demands more and more transparancy, delivered through the lenses of cameras. So glass has in it's different forms (windows, screens, glass fiber, lenses, ...) a strong arm in the constellation of the contemporary. And so has technology, often cursed in the art world. But not always as shows the artist Stelarc who examines the boundaries between technology and the human body. The cooperation between a glass philosopher and an open-minded dr. in engeneering and software creates possibilties artistically as well as practically.

Is it art or light.

It is not that if an artwork can be used as lighting device, it becomes a lighting device. It is not because you put a painting on the wall it becomes decorative wallpaper. Several objects can be installed as lamps, but hey aren't designed that way. It's the intrinsic relation between glass and light that drives our decision to add light.