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40x40x40cm flameworked borosilicate glass 2017

This piece shows a tremendous, breathtaking performance of 180 pornstars. They formed while performing anal and oral tricks a gigantic cube of about 10x10x10m.


Porn has little in common with sex. Wikipedia  remarks that pornography "applies to the depiction of the act rather than the act itself." Which act they refer to is not quite clear, but I suggest they mean something as an imitation of the sexual act. In that case we could say that pornography is a depiction of an imitation.


The original theater pornography refers to is sexuality. Unfortunately, we lost the scene of seducing, attracting and withdrawing in the course of the 20th century. These acts became pathological and more and more also criminal. Now we order, organise and still unpleasant bodily sensations by means of porn.


We watch pornography. In the first place it is  a visual addiction. It has a lot in common with soaps, HBO series and facebook addictions. Pornography is therefore ten times cleaner than real sex.

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